The last 4 days went by as a flash, as nice things often do.
Last Saturday she arrived at track 9, with a radient smile and a wet nose.
Seeing her again was beautifull, the weather was bad, see hadn't seen a drop of rain in the place she lives.
(Pineda de Mar) it was a bit too much, unfortunatly this was the case for the following days too.
During the ride to her 'Hotel on the attick', i showed her the old North, the place i was born,
and as there were a lot of impressions for her she got tired more easily, especially due to her cold (salut!).
Daniël was banned to Caitlin's house because she needed the floor to herself, strangely enough Daniël didn't complain at all ;)

In the afternoon we went to down town Rotterdam, from old to new, from sightseeing to shops,
with an occiassonal Piet along the way, we called "Piedro Negro's" for the ease of conversation.
Peppernuts, Taai Taai, Speculaas and Sinterklaas became familiar food and words for her.
In the evening we had a wonderfull dish of clamps.

Sunday we went to Amsterdam, because she had visited it when she was 17, but the Dam was the only thing that she could remember.
Walter had to work, so we didn't go there, the other places she observed with a bit waterly eyes and a sniff every now and then.
Madame Tusseauds had been on Linda's list of things to visit for a long time, and i must admit,
it was worth it, for those who haven't been there in years, go there!
The ladies had the time of their lives, as you can see on the Karaoke photo!
Tired, yet satisfied we were invited for diner in the Nieuwerkerks van der Valk restaurant by Judith, lovely!
That evening at home we found out that Judith has the same kind of passion as Quim has, being british comedy,
she was rolling on the couch, as she could now hear the real voices, and better understand the humor,
as the Catalan tend to synchronise the voices with their own language, also 1 person takes care of 3 voices, which makes it weird to understand.
After seeing Allo Allo and Fawlty Towers she eventually went, on those trays (oh no, un, dos très)
to bed at approx 22.00, she was bushed, and slept for a whole 12 hours!

Monday we went to Hoek van Holland (corner of Holland), to see the Maeslandkering in particular,
still impressive to see, with some additional information in English for Judith.
Unfortunatly only groups that are announced are allowed outside, so we had to settle for the indoors stuff
and a view from the gate, fortunatly it didn't rain then ;)
After a walk on the pier boulevard, where, due to the hard wind the water clashed over the edge we we sat down
in a beachrestaurant where we had some coffee and tea, who says that repetition is boring?
That evening Linda prepared a delicious spaghetti meal, greatly appriciated by Judith,
who showed she we was a good and thankfull eater!
After this Linda had to go to her club, in which time judith and i had a pleasant conversation,
although the language barrier is still there, because certain matters of the heart are hard to explain,
i think we both know much more about each other then before, it was Linda that entered at 20.30
that remembered us that we hadn't have anything to drink!

Yesterday we went to the Windmills in Schiedam, here also somebody told Judith some things about the Mills itself,
who was vissibly impressed by the size of the biggest mills of the Netherlands,
and all the stuff that is inside, to make it work.
It was in another Mill where we strenghtend ourself with yet another drink, to find out when we went back,
we should have started sooner, as everybody wanted to be home on time to celibrate the 'birthday of Sinterklaas',
still we had the 'real thing' sitting next to us, straight from Spain, and for 4 nights even ;)
The last evening we ate Dutch Butifara with little potatoes and vegetables, which Judith loved,
as she took 2 plates, she can eat!

This morning i took the reasonable recovered (slightly coufing) Judith to the train station in Prins Alexander,
and i must admit, it felt a bit empty when she went.

ons Zonnetje uit BC Thank you very much for your lovely presence,
your beautifull Sun (lovely food),
the fine moments
and conversations we shared Judith!

Patons i Adeu!